Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Judgment Day Coming for the Save Gate 2 Project

I've been reporting for months on the progress of the Save Gate 2 project and one way or another the situation will be resolved shortly.

From Benjamin Peim (hat-tip to River Ave. Blues):
The city Parks Department plans to seek preliminary approval next week for plans to commemorate the stadium at Heritage Field - the future park after the House That Ruth Built meets the wrecking ball. Gate 2 is not in the plans.

"If it gets approved, I think we're through," said John Trush, one of the fans fighting to save the gate.

The Parks Department presented its plans last May to the Design Commission, which approves all permanent works of art, architecture and landscape architecture proposed on or over city property. It granted preliminary approval, with the caveat they make revisions to better incorporate the stadium's history.

At next week's meeting, with Gate 2 crusaders making their pitch, the commission will decide the department's revised plans for the old Yankee Stadium.


"Our chances were a million to one when we started this," said Trush, "and now it's 50-50."
I really hope the city will decide to go forward with the plans to save gate 2. The current plans do little to keep anything of the original stadium, and that's not something I or I'm sure many Yankees fans want to see. A park with a piece of frieze is not enough. Some part of the original structure should be left standing.

The Stadium is a part of the city's history, and at least part of it should be kept around for generations to come. I commend the people behind this project who have really come a long way in making this a possibility.


crossfire said...

I'm all for this!

Anonymous said...

not gonna happen...city won't want to pay maintenance

JoeV said...

Seems like it would be real positive for the area. It would be a tourist attraction for the sports fan, it would give a real sense of history to the park. In terms of cost, what's 2 million bucks in NYC?

If it's 85% original from the 1923 building, then it's worth saving. If it's mostly from the disco stadium, tear it down.

Anonymous said...

do you ever use spell check? judgement is not a word. judgment is.

SAVE GATE 2!!!!!

dan said...

hey greg, i have a non related question

do u know when they usually release the times for alds games, is it the day after the season ends or before/after then... just wondering cause im up at school and i have to take a bus down, im going to game 2 :)

thanks, dan

Joeyankee26 said...

all games are either 7 PM or 8 PM. Its the playoffs, so it won't be anything else.
Get there 6, 630 and youll be fine.

Greg Cohen said...

Anon, get a grip. If a typo bothers you so much, you might want to seek help.

Yankeeboy98 said...

I know John Trush. I met him up in Baltimore earlier this year at a game and he told me all about the Gate 2 project, and he's been feeding me updates ever since.

I really hope this gets passed. It would be a great tribute to Yankee Stadium, and it's much better than just demolishing the whole thing, becasue it would show no evedince the house that ruth built ever existed.

Brad said...


The post refers to the situation with Gate 2 and the pending resolution of said issue. The only comment you have to add to the discussion is regarding a typo?

You need to review your life and make some changes.

Scott_in_Sacramento said...

I agree that they should keep something from the old stadium, and it had be better than what they did in Pittsburgh with Forbes Field (the predecessor to Three Rivers Stadium for those not old enough to remember). Home plate from the old yard is encased in glass in the floor of a building that now occupies the site.

Seeing they are building a park in the Bronx, there is absolutely no reason why they cant preserve some recognizable element of the old Yankee Stadium.

Mike B. said...

I'm all for this project and I hope it passes. What a grand "entrance" Gate 2 would be for the park! Hopefully common sense will prevail and they will keep this part of the original stadium structure. Let's keep our fingers crossed.