Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 Yankees-Red Sox Comparison

Since I've started blogging I've always done a preview of the AL East and compared the top teams position by position. Although I included the Rays in this last year, I think I'm going to leave them out this time after a 2009 where they finished 19 games out of first place. This tends to stretch out for quite a bit so I'm starting it so early on purpose.

Obviously certain positions are unsettled and could remain so until Opening Day itself. So, I'll be leaving left field, third base, first base, the last two spots in the rotation, the bench, and the bullpen left undone until we know for sure how those position are going to look for both Boston and New York on Opening Day.

In the past I've had people tell me they like this series of posts and the predictions I make at the end of it have been pretty much spot on so I think you'll end up liking.

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