Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Reviews Of Chapman's Workout Are In

(Updated 4:18 p.m.) Here's some more info from Bryan Hoch:
"The kid's got a great arm," Houston Astros general manager Ed Wade said of the 6-foot-4 Chapman. "He's a physical specimen. He's left-handed. He throws hard. Obviously, anybody would be interested in an arm like this. He's got some great stuff. The early feedback from our guys, and everybody else, is he's a tremendous talent."


One National League scout was asked what impressed him the most about Chapman.

"His fastball," he replied. "He's got it. He was bringing it."


Randy Hendricks stressed that Chapman, who does not speak English, was not throwing with his ultimate velocity.

"He didn't throw all out, which we told the teams he would not do," Hendricks said. "I think it was important that he demonstrated that he's ready, he's in shape, that he can throw free and easy, which is what he did. A lot of life on his pitches. He threw real well. I think it was sufficient to let everybody know he's ready for prime time. He looked comfortable as could be. He looked fluid. All the teams I talked to were really impressed. Just free and easy is what I heard.

"The useful part is it gives teams a chance to see him now, up close and personal. They've seen him in international competition on videotape."

First there's this from Ed Price:
Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman today, in side session in Houston: 93-96 mph, abv avg slider & change. Person there: "He's got the package."
And then this from Baseball Prospectus writer Kiley McDaniel:
Exec on Chapman workout: up to 97, flashed 4 & 2 seamer, crisp CH/SL combo. Tough to gauge w/o hitters but physicality was impressive.
Sounds like he's the real deal. Wonder if the Yankees are a little more interested in him now.

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