Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cashman: "These are great Yankees that we have a devotion to"

From the sound of this quote (via Bryan Hoch) from Brian Cashman regarding Jeter, Mo, and Girardi, and their expiring contracts, it seems the Yankees will do everything in their power to bring all three back.
"These are great Yankees that we have a devotion to," Cashman said. "We appreciate what they do. I feel there's a time and place, and I know ownership agrees, for these discussions. Right now, we feel that [the time is] not a year in advance of when the contract expires.

"They're priceless to our fans. We know that. There's a bond there and we recognize that they're special. We'll obviously approach players at the end of the season and start working on 2011, but this is about 2010 right now."
Unless they all have the worst seasons of their lives they're all coming back.

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