Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rotation Announced, Gaudin To Start Spring Opener

Chad Jennings is reporting that the Yankees have decided to go with Chad Gaudin in the spring opener when the Yanks take on the Pirates on Wednesday. The rest of their spring starting rotation can be seen below:
March 3 vs. Pittsburgh

Chad Gaudin, Sergio Mitre, Alfredo Aceves

March 4 at Philadelphia
CC Sabathia

March 5 vs. Tampa Bay
Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain

March 6 vs. Toronto
A.J. Burnett

March 7 at Minnesota
Sergio Mitre, Chad Gaudin

March 8 vs. Philadelphia (ss)
Javier Vazquez
March 8 at Pittsburgh (ss)
Alfredo Aceves

March 9 vs. Pittsburgh
CC Sabathia

March 10 at Detroit
Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes

March 11 vs. Atlanta
A.J. Burnett

March 12 at Washington
Andy Pettitte

March 13 vs. Baltimore (ss)
Javier Vazquez
March 13 at Detroit (ss)

They have not released any info on which relievers will pitch on each day.

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