Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Update on the New Writer Search

First let me say that no decisions have been made yet. I've gotten many more applicants than I had expected and to be honest you all sound like you could be great for the blog. Based on that I am going to need about a week to figure everything out. Also, if I haven't responded to your emails it doesn't mean anything. Things have been a little crazy in my neck of the woods.

Still, if you haven't emailed me yet and would like to write here please feel free. And once again prior blogging experience is obviously a good thing.

I have also decided that since so many of you want to have your voices heard that besides adding the new group of writers I will also be starting a "From the Fans" post where the comments will be shown on the sidebar. The idea is a mix between SB Nation's fanposts (which I wanted to do, but cannot on blogger--if you know how to do this and I'm just an idiot for not figuring it out please let me know) and TYU's Perpetural OffTopic Post. So a big hat-tip must go out to both SB Nation and TYU. It will go up sometime next week and will be a never ending comment stream for you guys to post what's on your mind that day as long as it is Yankee related.

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