Monday, April 26, 2010

It Seems My Quote About Javy Ruffled Some Feathers

I was out this morning running some errands, but I got home to see that my "gutless bitch" quote was posted and ridiculed on TYU and Craig Calcaterra's Hardball Talk. I have no problems with their opinions on my opinion, and here's some of what they had to say:

But to suggest that the guy's on-the-field failures are the result of some inherent character flaw or moral failing -- in other words, to call someone a "gutless bitch" -- seems way over the top to me. Save me the "you're not from New York and you don't know how it goes" business. This is just the most facile kind of analysis possible and it adds nothing to the party.
I said nothing of the "you're not from New York and you don't know how it goes" stuff. I also didn't mean it to be any kind of analysis. It was an opinion I had following yesterday's game. If I want to analyze why he sucks I'll do that in a separate post, however, Domenic did a fairly good job of that earlier in the day so I figured we had that end covered.

Anyway, on to TYU's Chris H:
Maybe I’m in the minority here, but is this not the dictionary definition of an overreaction? To criticize a Yankee for his lack of effort or for a mindless play is fair game, however, to label Javier Vazquez a “gutless bitch” and then to deem him “pathetic” seems excessive to me (it reeks of unbridled anger, as if Vazquez just kicked a small child). I think, at this stage in the season, it is certainly true that Vazquez has been a failure. That is fine to say. Of course, we are only 18 games into the season – 4 of those games were started by Vazquez (he has roughly 30 more to go) – which means that we have plenty of baseball left to see over the next 6 months. Therefore, I would refrain from fixing a label to Vazquez until he gets a few more innings under his belt. Let’s not fall for small samples, even if they are alluring.
I have to laugh at how seriously people take the things I say.

Sure, it was an overreaction, but I thought it was funny so I wrote it, and until I see otherwise I will stick to that assertion, even if it "reeks of unbridled anger". By the way, Vazquez did much worse than kick a child, he was the final piece in the worst collapse and moment in this franchises history, so forgive me if my patience is thin.

Thanks for the quotes, fellas.

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