Monday, May 24, 2010

Hell Week

The Yankees just finished off a terrible week that saw them go 2-5 against the Red Sox, Rays, and Mets. Here's a breakdown of what went wrong.
  • Split with Boston - lucky not to get swept and blew two 5-0 leads at home.
  • Swept and embarrassed by Tampa.
  • Lose two of three to the Mets.
And some stats:
  • Team ERA: 6.05
  • Opponents hit .311 against Yankees pitching
  • Team w/RISP: 19-for-76 (.250)
  • Men Left on Base: 64
  • They hit just 5 HR.
  • Stole just one base in seven games
The Yankees are now six games behind the Rays for first place in the division, and just one game ahead of the Blue Jays for second place. They now head to Minnesota before coming home to play Cleveland and Baltimore. Hopefully this week is better than the last, because that sucked.

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