Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nick "Babe Redux" Swisher, and the Special HR.

Yesterday's 3-Run HR by Nick Swisher had special meaning, as he had visited the Boston Children's hospital earlier in the day. If you believe the legends, both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig did the same during their playing days. Yet another in a long line or reasons why we like "Swish".
"I went to the Boston Childen's Hospital today," he said after the game. "And there was thsi one kid, probably the only Yankees fan in the whole place. He said if I could hit a home run tonight it would be pretty cool. So I was happy I was able to hit one."
The family left this message on the forum where this quote was originally published.

We want to thank Nick Swisher for making a young mans dream come true.That memory will forever stay in my son's heart.You put a smile on a young man's face whom we haven't seen smile in such a long time. We watched every minute of the game once we saw the outcome, we knew that little boy touch your heart like he has done to so many others. Once again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


That it happened in Boston, makes it all the better. It's great when we can look past rivalries, and remember that we are all human beings. That is why the Yankees get highly involved in the Jimmy Fund as well. We put aside the game for a moment and work for the greater good.

As for "Swish", It's what I have been saying to those who would listen whenever I have had the chance. This is the character aspect of the game that people tend to forget about. He has that quality that is hard to find in a lot of players (see Dallas Braden, Milton Bradley, Josh Beckett). Enjoy the game today folks!

(hat-tip to the Hartford Courant)

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