Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Predictions Through Memorial Day

Hey! Been a while for me to post, sorry about that.

A lot of teams and players use Memorial Day as a benchmark to see how they're doing in the season so far. I think I'll check out the SIH Staff 2010 Preseason Predictions, and see how everyone's doing.

The MLB Leaders, this year:
AL East: Tampa Bay Rays
AL Central: Minnesota Twins
AL West: Oakland Athletics
AL Wild Card: New York Yankees
NL East: Atlanta Braves
NL Central: Cincinnati Reds
NL West: San Diego Padres
NL Wild Card: St. Louis Cardinals

The best team in each league is italicized.

Let's start with the teams no one had in their predictions. No one had the Rays, Athletics, Yankees (everyone had them winning the AL East), Braves, Reds, Padres, Cardinals (same case as the Yankees). Most of the writers had the Twins in the central, that being the only case of good predicting. No one expected the Padres, Athletics or Reds to be this good, or for the Mariners to be this bad. But that's baseball.

I had predicted the MVPs, Cy Youngs, and MOYs, as well as saying Stephen Strasberg would win NL ROY. My AL MVP was Ichiro, with Joe Mauer and A-Rod behind him. Ichiro is having a very good season, 2nd in the AL in hits (70- three behind Cano), and 5th in AL batting AVG. Despite this, he's not having as good of a season compared to guys like Justin Morneau of MIN, Jose Bautista of TOR, Miguel Cabrera of DET, or even Cano. I had picked CC to win AL Cy Young, with King Felix behind him. Right now, Ricky Romero of TOR looks like an early favorite.

My NL MVP was Pujols with Hanley behind him, and despite a power shortage lately, The Machine looks like an early favorite for yet another MVP award. My NL Cy Young was Halladay with Wainwright coming in 2nd. Roy is having a great season, but Ubaldo Jimenez of Colorado has been basically untouchable.

My predictions seem to have been okay, at best LOL, but we'll see how they turn out the rest of the year. Feel free to criticize my predictions, or talk about your own.


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