Friday, May 28, 2010

With Granderson back is it time for Winn to go?

With Curtis Granderson ready to be activated later today it's now decision time for the Yanks as they decide what their corresponding roster move will be. As Ben over at RAB pointed out earlier today, the Yankees have three options: they can send Ramiro Pena or Kevin Russo back to Triple-A, or they can designate Randy Winn for assignment.

Obviously, the easiest move--although probably not the best--for the Yanks would be sending down one of the youngsters. If they designating Winn for assignment it would mean the end of his Yankee career and I'm not sure the Yankees want to go down that road this early in the season. So, by sending either Pena or Russo down it would allow them to keep all three and whoever went down could get regular at-bats in Triple-A.

If that's the road the Yankees decide to take, Kevin Russo would probably be the one to go. Which would be a shame since he's been such a nice addition to this team. He can play all over the field, and has also hit better than the other two. However, with five outfielders already on the roster, Pena, who's a better infielder, becomes more valuable.

But is that the best for this team?

To me, the answer is no. While Winn has been a good player in the past, he was mediocre last year and has been invisible for the Yanks this season. And with both Russo and Pena on the roster, the Yankees would have a ton of flexibility with two bench players that can play almost anywhere on the field, plus, they've both been better than Winn. It's probably not the decision the Yanks will make, but I'd like to see them stick with the kids.

What do you think the Yankees should do?

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