Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Olney: Yanks Looking To Improve Offense

From Buster Olney:
Right now, the Yankees have greater focus on improving their offense than on their pitching. With Alex Rodriguez banged up and getting days off at third base, you do wonder if they'll hedge their bets before the trade deadline and look for a bopper who can play third -- like a Ty Wigginton (although the Yankees and Orioles almost never make trades) or Miguel Tejada or Jeff Baker. The Cubs platoon player has left/right splits that are seemingly impossible, by the way:

Versus left-handers: .354 average, 1.009 OPS
Versus right-handers: .033 average, .154 OPS
All three names mentioned are interesting potential targets. Wigginton is having the best season of the three, hitting .274/.361/.487 with 13 HR and 39 RBI, and would probably cost the most in a trade. Tejada isn't having his normal season, hitting .267/.304/.357 with just 4 HR and 23 RBI. We already heard about Baker's splits, but overall he's hitting .257/.309/.436 with 3 HR and 12 RBI in 110 at-bats for Colorado.

Any of these guys interest you?

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