Monday, June 28, 2010

A-Rod and Torre Break The Ice

From George A. King III:
Rodriguez, who refused to discuss Torre's impact on him during the four years they were together with the Yankees and didn't get together with Torre during the first two days at Dodger Stadium, approached Torre behind the batting cage while the Dodgers hit.

When Torre saw Rodriguez get close, he feigned jumping back but then the men embraced. A 30-second chat followed and Rodriguez went to talk to two fans in the seats by the Yankees' dugout.

"It was important to go there, it was the mature thing to do," Rodriguez said after the Yankees' 8-6 come-from-behind, 10-inning victory last night. "I didn't want to let things linger. I wanted to build on what I have been building on for the last two years, to do the right thing. I didn't want to let it linger, you don't know when the next time I will see Joe."
Smart move by A-Rod, if anything, just to shut people up about it. Plus, it's obviously always better to leave any kind of situation on good terms rather than bad.

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