Friday, June 4, 2010

Yanks Concerned With Park, Will Target Reliever At Deadline

From Jon Heyman (hat-tip to Was Watching):
The Yankees have determined that they will likely pursue a reliever and a hitter at the deadline. They are concerned about reliever Chan Ho Park, whose velocity isn't what they expected and are unsure whether Alfredo Aceves can avoid back surgery to repair a disc issue.
This comes as no surprise to me. Obviously right now the Yankees biggest issue is their bullpen and if they're going to win #28 it's something they're going to have to improve.

Which relievers would you like to see the Yanks target?

Remember, it's likely going to have to be a good reliever on a bad team that's either headed for free agency or close to it. Here's a list of next year's free agent class via MLBTR to give you a better idea of who might be out there.

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