Saturday, July 17, 2010

Burnett Cut Hands Pushing A Plexiglass Lineup Holder


From Mike Mazzeo:
Clearly frustrated after allowing three runs over the first two innings of his start this afternoon, Burnett, 33, went into the clubhouse and pushed a pair of Plexiglass lineup holders on the wooden double doors leading into the showers with great force, causing both of his palms to be cut.

Embarrassed by his actions, Burnett, who sustained lacerations on both hands, initially told trainer Steve Donohue he cut his hands bracing himself after falling down the dugout stairs. However, he later fessed up when questioned by manager Joe Girardi.

"I let my teammates down," said a remorseful Burnett after the Yankees' 10-5 loss to the Rays. "I let my frustrations get the best of me. It's something I've got to deal with."


"100 percent it won't happen again," said Burnett.
Let's hope it doesn't. Hurting yourself and the team in this manner is completely unacceptable. I understand that players get frustrated, but you can't let those frustrations hurt the team.

At the time, the score was 3-1 Tampa and the Yankees were still in the game. The next thing you know, Burnett's heading back into the dugout and the Yanks need seven innings out of a very ineffective bullpen. I'm not saying they would have won if he didn't hurt himself. He did give up three runs in the first two innings and has been less than good this season. But I think he would have given them a better shot than Dustin Moseley and Chad Gaudin.

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