Friday, July 2, 2010

Gauging the Defense - June Edition

The Yankees currently rank fifteenth in the Majors in both UZR and DRS, having improved a bit in both categories (though dropping in overall ranking in DRS). As we approach the All-Star Break, the team numbers have become more trustworthy, as the sample sizes are much more manageable and reasonable. With that being said, here's how the individual players stack up (keeping in mind that UZR does not grade catchers):

Francisco Cervelli: 0 DRS
Jorge Posada: -2 DRS

Mark Teixeira: 0 DRS, -3.6 UZR

Robinson Cano: +14 DRS, 5.6 UZR

Derek Jeter: +2 DRS, -0.4 UZR

Alex Rodriguez: +3 DRS, -0.3 UZR

Brett Gardner: +2 DRS, 1.4 UZR

Curtis Granderson
: +4 DRS, 4.9 UZR

Nick Swisher: +1 DRS, -1.2 UZR

There are no real surprises here - Teixeira hasn't looked as solid as in years past (at least to my eye), and Cano has shown a great deal of improvement from season to season, and now appears to be one of the best in the league.

April Edition.

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