Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Guess You Can Check Dunn Off The List (for now)

From Ken Rosenthal:
These things are always fluid, but for now Yankees are out on Dunn. Checking into other alternatives.
According to Joel Sherman, this is why:

The Yankees consider the current asking price steep and would only deliver that kind of package for a game-changing necessity, such as Cliff Lee, not for someone they consider a luxury, such as Dunn.

Plus, the Yankees were worried about giving up significant prospects and not being sure about Dunn as a DH. Dunn has spent his entire career in the NL, so he has never DH'ed regularly and has said repeatedly he does not want to be exclusively a DH. That combination made the Yankees wonder if he would adapt to the job, especially when you add on a new league, a new city, and a level of expectation Dunn has never experienced with the Reds, Diamondbacks or Nationals.

He went on to say that these are the reasons that the Rays are apparently backing away from Dunn as well. (hat-tip to RAB)

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