Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is Brian Cashman Delusional?

From Tyler Kepner (hat-tip to WasWatching):

The Yankees need a starting pitcher. Or do they? Andy Pettitte is on the disabled list with a strained left groin, A. J. Burnett is perpetually erratic and Phil Hughes, who labored in a 10-2 loss to the Angels on Tuesday, is approaching a predetermined innings limit. That leaves C. C. Sabathia, Javier Vazquez and a lot of angst for fans.

“I’m amazed at the overreaction,” General Manager Brian Cashman said. “I’m not looking to get a starter, and our insurance policy is Sergio Mitre, who would be in most people’s rotations. We’re lucky we didn’t have to cash that in until late July. People are saying there’s no way we’re going to go with him. Why not?”

A.J. Burnett in his last 13 starts: 3-8, 6.75 ERA.

Phil Hughes in his last 11 starts: 6-3, 5.51 ERA.

Javy Vazquez has been much better lately, but we saw yesterday what can happen when he's on the mound.

And that leaves us with Andy's replacement and Cashman's insurance policy, Sergio Mitre, who has a career 5.42 ERA as a starter.

Yea Cash, everything is just hunky-dory.

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