Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Marchand: Yanks On Soria's No-Trade List

From Andrew Marchand:
If the Yankees are indeed interested in acquiring Kansas City Royals All-Star closer Joakim Soria, they will face one more hurdle -- a no-trade clause.

The Yankees are one of the six teams on Soria's no-trade list, a baseball official with knowledge of the contract tells ESPN New York.

However, Marchand did add:
The fact the Yankees are on Soria's no-trade list should not be read to mean he would decline a trade to New York. It likely gives Soria some leverage if a deal were struck. Soria's current contract is for three years, $8.75 million, with three club options that top out at $8.75 million for 2014.
Makes sense.

It doesn't matter anyway, with KC turning down an offer of Jesus Montero, there's no way the Yankees should meet their insane asking price.

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