Monday, July 26, 2010

Montero for Soria? No Dice

I would have mixed feelings about it, but apparently the Royals don't see Montero as good as us Yankee fans do. According to ESPN's Jayson Stark (via, the Yanks offered Montero for the All-Star closer, but the Royals didn't bite.
11:23am: The Yankees dangled Jesus Montero in talks for Joakim Soria, reports ESPN's Jayson Stark, but the Royals weren't interested.
Well if the Royals won't take Montero, who will they take?

I guess I would welcome a package that included Montero, Romine, or Joba, just not more than one of them in the trade.

We'll see.

Greg's Note: I'm shocked about two things here: that the Yanks actually offered Montero, and that the Royals didn't take the offer.

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