Monday, July 26, 2010

Moseley Will Take Mitre's Place In The Rotation

From Pete Caldera:
Dustin Moseley will be taking Sergio Mitre’s spot in the rotation on Thursday night here in Cleveland. So, it was one and done for Mitre vs. Kansas City as Andy Pettitte’s rotation sub.

“I think he’s disappointed,’’ Joe Girardi said of Mitre. But the manager didn’t like the “crispness’’ of Mitre’s pitches after a long layoff (due to an oblique strain) and Moseley was more built up as a starter in the minors.
After hearing Brian Cashman go on and on about how Sergio Mitre was this team's insurance policy, how this (injuries) is the reason the Yankees have Mitre, and how he'd be in most team's rotation, I find this move pretty hilarious.

At least Cashman's blind faith in Mitre was trumped by Joe Girardi's common sense.

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