Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No Vvuvuzelas in the Bronx

From Jeremy Olshan:
Those vuvuzela horns may be all the rage at the World Cup in South Africa, but the Yankees won't let fans toot, toot, toot for the home team.

When "bleacher creature" Anthony Zachariadis wailed on one of the plastic horns at Tuesday night's game, Stadium security snatched it out of his hands.

"You gotta give me the horn," the guard told him, inducing a chorus of boos from the bleachers. "You can't blow it."


Even though the denizens of the bleachers are known for being loud using just their own voices, Zachariadis said he couldn't resist trying them out at the Stadium.

"I hid them in my shorts to get into the stadium, and when I pulled out the horns, the whole place went nuts," he said.

"Phillies fans would walk by and we would blow it in their ear," he said. "They had a laugh -- they knew we were playing with them."


Zachariadis finally agreed to leave the game in return for not having his horns seized.

"I have been tossed from that place hundreds of times. Many times I even deserved it," he said. "But this was ridiculous."

While the thought of a Phillies fan taking the buzz of a vuvuzela in the ear does make me smile, I'm glad they're keeping those annoying horns out of the stadium.

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