Thursday, July 15, 2010

Players Vote Joba Most Overrated

And I can't blame them.

From (hat-tip to Zell's Pinstripe Blog):


Joba Chamberlain, Yankees P 12%

Alex Rodriguez, Yankees 3B 5%

Gary Matthews Jr., Reds CF 5%

Nick Swisher, Yankees RF 4%

J.D. Drew, Red Sox RF 3%


Overrated by whom? Outside of Rodriguez, none of the top five vote-getters have more than one All-Star appearance.... They Hate New York: Seven of the 16 with at least three votes have played this season for one of the two Big Apple teams.

I'm not sure if this is based on salary, but I'm sure that's part of why A-Rod is on this list. Remember, this poll was taken during spring training, when A-Rod was coming off a god-like postseason and a pretty damn good regular season considering that he missed the first month.

Swisher? Not sure he's overrated by anyone, but ok.

As for Joba, I believe he deserves this insult, and I'm sure if you took this vote again, he'd "win" by a greater margin.

I'm just glad Jeet didn't crack the top five.


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