Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Reason Lee isn't a Yankee

From Joel Sherman (hat-tip to Donnie Collins):
Heard Mariners asked Yankees to replace inj David Adams with RHP Adam Warren, Yanks said yes then Sea asked for Eduardo Nunez

Yankees said no to Nunez-Montero combo weeks ago, said no again and that assured Rangers' offer with Smoak would win
I'm surprised the Yankees were even willing to include Warren. That's way too much for a guy that they don't really need and will sign in a few months anyway. Here's what CC had to say about Lee coming here as a free agent:
“I don’t think we have to do much recruiting,” CC Sabathia said. “He knows what it’s like over here. I’ve talked to him a bunch about what it’s like in the clubhouse and being part of this team. Hopefully it works out.”
I think it will.

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