Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rule Change May Help The Boss Get In HOF Next Year

From the AP (hat-tip to WasWatching):
The baseball Hall of Fame has changed the way that managers, umpires, executives and long-retired players will be considered for election. The rule change means former Yankees principal owner George Steinbrenner, who died July 13, could be elected to the Hall of Fame as early as this December.

Candidates will be reviewed in three eras: Pre-Integration (1871-1946), Golden (1947-1972) and Expansion (starting in 1973).

One composite ballot will be considered in each era. The Expansion Era ballot will include 12 candidates, while the Golden and Pre-Integration era ballots each will have 10.

The first election in the Expansion category will be held in December during the winter meetings in Orlando, Fla. The Golden election will take place in 2011 and the Pre-Integration vote will be held in 2012.

Good job Hall of Fame, you'll only be a year late.

I'm happy about the rule change, but why this man, and others, aren't be rushed to the Hall before they're too old or not with us anymore is beyond me.

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