Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some Links For You On This 4th Of July Morning

First of all, a happy 4th to all of you! Our great country turns 234 years old today. Also celebrating a birthday today is our great owner, George Steinbrenner, who turns 80. How do you plan on spending your 4th of July?

On to the links:

- With The Boss celebrating his 80th today, there were several articles (like this one) about him around the web. This one, written by Bill Madden, looks at how George Steinbrenner would have handled LeBron James' free agency if he owned the Knicks. It's a good read, and there's some interesting stuff in the piece about how The Boss handled free agents throughout his reign as owner of the Yankees. ........ Where do you think LeBron, Wade, Bosh will land?

- The Yankees will also be honoring Steinbrenner at the stadium on Sunday, displaying all seven World Series trophies won since he bought the team in 1973.

- The All-Star rosters will be announced today at noon. American League manager, Joe Girardi, is also finished with his side of the work selecting the final seven roster spots, along with five additional players who will be a part of the online vote for the final spot.

- Mark Hale thinks Andy Pettitte is a lock. So do I.

- Nick Swisher hopes he's headed to Anaheim.

- Tim Bontemps has this article about how Jesus Montero has rebounded from some early struggles.

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