Friday, July 16, 2010

Some People Are Just Classless

(There are two political pundits mentioned in article, not for their politics, but just for the way they handled this situation. So when you read this, read it as a Yankees fan, and not a liberal or conservative. You will understand why I'm saying this more as you continue to read.)


When a person passes away the normal thing to do is ignore that person's flaws and focus on the good that they did while on this planet. We all make mistakes in this short life, but the good we do is what really matters. We've seen a lot of that in regards to The Boss over the last few days, and rightly so. The man went from ship building in Cleveland to the Owner of the greatest franchise in sports, and in the process turned an $10 million investment ($168K of his money) into a billion and a half dollar empire. Oh yea, and his Yankees won 7 World Series.

However, there are always a couple schmucks who feel the need to be heard, but end up just making themselves sound like moronic assholes. Those two people this week were Rush Limbaugh and some British douche named Muhammad Cohen. (Yes, Muhammad Cohen.)

First, that loudmouth of AM radio:
“That cracker made a lot of African-American millionaires. George Steinbrenner: the classic capitalist. Everybody around him became wealthy. Like most successful capitalists, he made the people around him wealthy. And a lot of African-American millionaires away. And at the same time he fired a bunch of white guys, as managers, left and right."
That cracker? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Who cares if he fired white managers or made millionaires out of black athletes? Why would any of that matter to anyone with a functioning brain? Steinbrenner also did more for the managers he fired than any owner has done before or after him. Handing them jobs within the organization that they probably didn't deserve just so they could continue getting a paycheck. What else is there really to say about a statement this utterly ridiculous?

On to the classless idiot from across the pond, who says Steinbrenner was "a cruel and petty bully, who does not deserve the eulogies following his death this week."
George Steinbrenner was a loser. While insisting that nothing less than wining was acceptable, Steinbrenner owned the New York Yankees during the team's longest World Series drought since its first appearance in 1921, a dry spell directly attributable to Steinbrenner's insistent mismanagement.
Steinbrenner, who died on Tuesday at age 80, was a bully and a brat, devoid of humility, class, and civility, born on third base, deluded that he'd hit a triple, and convinced he had to tell the whole world how he'd done it. Famed for his bombast and for making himself bigger than his players and team, tolerated only because he had money and power, this Yankee Doodle Dandy born on the Fourth of July paved the way for America to become a loser by his example.
Just about every bit of praise eulogising Steinbrenner is 180 degrees wrong.
There's more in the article, but we've seen enough of this garbage.

While Steinbrenner did have a rough go of it in the 80's, he did more to make this organization the empire it is than anyone else. Maybe this guy should go do a little research on what CBS did to this team in the 60's prior to "The Boss" taking over.

You wait until the man passes away to write up an attack like this? Wow, what a man of integrity you are, Muhammad. A man dies and four days later you feel the need to attack him because of some personal grudge.

Also, this guys seems a bit anti-American, wouldn't you say?

Just because I know Limbaugh hates liberals, I'm going to steal something from Keith Olbermann (a Yankees fan who Steinbrenner apparently was very fond of): Rush Limbaugh & Muhammad Cohen, you are today's Worst Person(s) In The World!

(hat-tip to Ed Valentine)

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