Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aceves Getting Close To Return

If you missed it in the minor league report, Alfredo Aceves threw two perfect innings last night in Trenton. Mike Ashmore had are some quotes from Aceves on his outing:

“Of course I’m happy. I didn’t feel nothing in my back, that’s the important thing. I feel like I could play again. I’m here to do my shoulder stuff and for (the media), and now I’m coming back to see the game.”

“I’m probably going to stay for six days; five-six days, here in Trenton. Probably having another start here, maybe two, I don’t know. I don’t have that decision in my hands.”

“It was the same for me (as the outing in Scranton), because I didn’t feel pain in my back…”

“(I haven’t felt pain) for two, three weeks.”

Great news for the Yanks. The pen has already started to turn things around, and the addition of Aceves will only make it better.

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