Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Damon: Cabrera is the best I've Ever Played With

No, not Melky....

From Fred Kerber:
Johnny Damon has been awed before by teammates. He marveled at David Ortiz's clutch hitting, at Manny Ramirez's uncanny two-strike ability, at Alex Rodriguez's swing, at Mark Teixeira's two-way talent. But Tigers teammate Miguel Cabrera tops them all.

"He's the best. The best I've played with," Damon raved last night. "Obviously, Ortiz brings the clutch-hitting capability in big games. A-Rod brings a perfect swing. Teixeira is the best all-around ballplayer. Manny, two outs runners in scoring position. But this guy is the total package. The best. That ball he hit out of the ball park [Monday]? It was a good pitch by Joba [Chamberlain] and he does that with it."


"Cabrera is one of those exceptional talents," Leyland said, "one of those few guys who's an MVP candidate every year."
I know there will be fans who take offense to this, and I'm sure that's the way the media would like it that way, but Damon is right about everything he said.

How would you rank A-Rod, Tex, Cabrera, Ortiz and Manny?

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