Thursday, August 19, 2010

Damon Continues to Whine About Gardner's Slide

First there was this from Damon last night, along with Gardner's reaction:
"If anyone over there thought it was a clean slide, then we have a different opinion on that," said Damon, who spent four years as a Yankee. "It's part of baseball. But I thought the slide was dirty, and I'm sure a lot of those guys would agree."


"That's his opinion," Gardner told The Post. "He knows how I play. I think if he was over here in this clubhouse he probably would have given me a high-five for trying to break up the double play."


"Obviously, I feel bad about Carlos getting hurt. I wasn't trying to hurt him," Gardner said. "I don't think it was dirty at all. I could have went in with my spikes and I didn't. I hit him with the front or the side of my leg. I didn't think it was dirty. Some people probably do, and that's that."
And some more from Damon after today's game:

“The first thing (Gardner) touched was (Guillen’s) knee. He never touched the ground,’’ Damon explained. “If (Guillen) wasn’t standing there, Gardner ends up almost in the outfield.

"I understand trying to break up a double play, but the guy is on the DL for a reason. I don’t think he did it on purpose. With speed like that you get to the bag quicker. It just looks bad.’’

Damon said it was clear to him and his Tigers teammates that Gardner was going after Guillen.

“Obviously we see it from our side because our second baseman may be gone for the year,’’ Damon said.

Here's the play in question if you've forgotten.

Looks clean to me. Damon needs to stop complaining. Maybe he's just upset he's on a team that's going nowhere fast.

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