Friday, August 27, 2010

MLB Investigating Nova Over B-12 Shots

From George A. King III:
Major League Baseball is investigating Yankees pitcher Ivan Nova and minor league hurler Wilkin De La Rosa for allegedly injecting each other with B-12 shots last season when they were teammates in Trenton (Double-A), The Post has learned.

Though B-12 isn’t on the list of baseball’s banned substances, only licensed physicians are allowed to inject medication. And MLB wants to make sure that the shots were indeed B-12.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman said he was unaware of the investigation, and MLB spokesman Pat Courtney said, “We don’t discuss the work of our investigative group.’’
If you remember, Roger Clemens claimed that he was only using B-12, and there were also stories that B-12 was clubhouse slang for steroids..... Maybe that's where that fastball came from.

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