Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A-Rod Declining?

Alex Rodriguez, on his now long and unproductive chase for HR #600, has 16 home runs and is second in the American League in RBIs. But yet, Frankie Piliere of AOL Fanhouse thinks we've seen the best of Alex Rodriguez. Here's a quote from his story, "A-Rod Isn't Same Hitter, 600 or Not":
Call it a decline, call it a mechanical funk or even link it to his past steroid use, but make no mistake about it, Alex Rodriguez is not the player he once was. In fact, he is not even the player he was last season.
I, personally, do not agree with this. Alex Rodriguez historically has a "down" year every other year. It's true. Look at all of his even-numbered years since he came to the Yankees. Now compare them to his odd-numbered years. 05 and 07 he won an MVP award. 09 he got 30 HR and 100 RBI despite having hip surgery hold him out for over a month.

Feel free to discuss this, Brett Favre "retiring" LOL, or whatever you have on your mind.

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