Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Still worried about the pen?

I've actually been pleasantly surprised with what I've seen from the Yankees pen lately. David Robertson is starting to throw the ball like he did last year, Boone Logan has been very effective, and even Joba is starting to come around. However, it's still far from a lights-out pen and a little more help can't hurt.

If you're wondering who might be on the market down the stretch, MLB Trade Rumors put together a list of 25 (23 not counting Chad Gaudin and Chan Ho Park) relievers who might slip through waivers and find themselves on a new team via a post deadline deal. The list isn't too impressive, although there are a few names that do stick out. Who caught your eye?

Another thing to thing about regarding the Yanks pen is a possible return of Alfredo Aceves. If (and that's a big IF) he could come back and pitch like he did last year I think most of the Yankees bullpen issues would go away.

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