Monday, August 23, 2010

While CC and Cano are Close, They're Not Award Winners

There has been a lot of talk lately about two Yankees and their chances at some pretty big awards. Cano is one of the candidates for AL MVP, while CC Sabathia is close to the top of the AL Cy Young race.

Both have had tremendous seasons, but neither deserve the awards. Let me start by saying that these awards do not go to the most valuable player and pitcher in each league, but to the guys who put up the best numbers. That's how it's been for years and it won't change this season.

As for Robinson Cano, sure, he's been the Yankees MVP, but with a .325/.387/.566 triple slash, 25 HR and 86 RBI, he's far behind the two real candidates for MVP: Josh Hamilton and Miguel Cabrera. Hamilton is having a ridiculous season, hitting 362/.411/.633 with 28 HR and 88 RBI, and Cabrera has been equally impressive, hitting .338/.427/.625 with 31 and 102. Looking at OPS, OPS+ and WAR you can see the separation between the top two and Robbie:
  • Josh Hamilton - OPS: 1.044, OPS+: 172, WAR: 7.0
  • Miguel Cabrera - OPS: 1.052, OPS+: 185, WAR: 5.6
  • Robinson Cano - OPS: .953, OPS+: 158, WAR: 6.0
Based on Cano's overall value, it's closer than the basic numbers tell you, but it's still a two-horse race and Cano ain't one of them. Remember, this award is rarely given to the most valuable even if that's the name of it.

As for CC's Cy Young candidacy, he's probably closer to the top than Cano is to the MVP award, but still, there are four guys having better seasons; Clay Buchholz, Felix Hernandez, Trevor Cahill, and David Price.

It's worth mentioning now that I believe wins and losses for a pitcher might be the most misleading stat in the game, so I'm throwing everyone's win total out the window. Let's look at some stats:
  • Clay Buchholz - ERA 2.26, WHIP: 1.20,, K/9: 6.20, FIP: 3.60
  • Felix Hernandez - ERA: 2.51, WHIP: 1.13, K/9: 8.36, FIP: 3.02
  • Trevor Cahill - ERA: 2.54, WHIP: 0.99, K/9: 5.40, FIP: 4.06
  • David Price - ERA: 2.97, WHIP: 1.26, K/9: 8.33, FIP: 3.40
  • CC Sabathia - ERA: 3.02, WHIP: 1.22, K/9: 7.24, FIP: 3.58
If you look at that list and believe CC is the Cy Young award winner, than you may need to take off those rose colored Yankee glasses.

There's no reason why CC or Cano can't have a great final month+ and storm into the lead of either of these two races, but you know what, this is the Yankees and personal achievements are utterly meaningless. These kinds of things don't even belong in the minds of Yankees fans. Go win another ring--that's all that matters anyway.

OK, disagree away...

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