Monday, August 2, 2010

Yanks Tried To Get Mike Lowell

From Ken Rosenthal:
Mike Lowell a Yankee?

The possibility was discussed Friday, the eve of the non-waiver trade deadline, according to major-league sources.

The Red Sox were not going to trade Lowell directly to the Yankees, sources said. The deal would have involved the Rangers, who would have acquired Lowell and sent him to the Yankees with the Red Sox’s knowledge.


The Yankees likely would have used Lowell as a right-handed DH and backup for Alex Rodriguez at third base and Mark Teixeira at first. Their acquisition of Lance Berkman, who will serve mostly as a DH, did not deter them from trying to acquire Lowell, a source said.


Lowell still can be traded before the Aug. 31 deadline for setting postseason rosters. He likely would clear waivers, and the Phillies, Rays and Twins are among the teams that could show interest.
In 31 games this year, Lowell his .212/.308/.350 with 2 homers and 12 RBI.... Uhhhh, yea, you can stay in Boston, Mike.

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