Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting Healthy For The Stretch Run

There's no doubt that last night's win was huge. Greg Golson deserves a freaking medal for that throw. But the most important thing that will happen for the Yankees this week is that they should be getting close to full strength by the weekend.

Andy Pettitte pitched well for Trenton last night and I would assume he's good to go for Sunday against the O's.

Also, this report says that Nick Swisher expects to return for the O's series as well.

So, after last night's win, there's a little more good news. They've played like crap for over a week, and luckily they're still in first. I'm not even sure winning the division is the best thing for the Yanks, but getting these guys back will certainly do a lot to get them back to their winning Ways.

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