Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Had his Phil?

There’s no question in my mind that Phil Hughes has been one of the biggest players for us this season. Anyone that is 16-7 is contributing a great amount to the team’s success.

However, Hughes has seemed to be struggling of late. After a disappointing performance this weekend it got me wondering about what exactly he’s been doing in. Some of the stats surprised me, while some were already known.

Did you know?

- Hughes has allowed 19 homers at Yankee Stadium, while only giving up 3 on the road this season?

- Hughes' home ERA is 4.88 while his road ERA is more then a run less at 3.38?

- Hughes is 3-7 when the Yankees score 0 to 5 runs but is 13-0 when the Yankees score 6 or more?

- His last 7-inning performance came 10 starts ago?

Hughes has also had an interesting drop off in the second half. In the 1st half during 16 starts, he was 11-2 had a 3.65 ERA, allowed 11 homers and only gave up 90 hits in 101 innings of work.

So far into the second half, Hughes has made only made 10 starts, but you can see he has been struggling. In 6 less starts, he has given up as many homers, 11. Phil is 5-5 and his ERA this half is ugly at 5.47. He has also only pitched 54.1 innings but has allowed 79 base runners.

I am not writing Hughes off or saying he’s done this season, I am just wondering if he is gassed and could use a start off or two. He could also just be in a funk where all it will take is that one thing to get him in 1st half form. What do you think... is he gassed?... Just in a funk?

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