Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Just One of Those Days in Yankeeland

These are some of the headlines from this morning's news: 

Klapisch: Joe Girardi has slumping Yanks as tight as his crew cut
Girardi can’t manage to send right message to Yankees  

Girardi hogging spotlight down stretch: Yanks manager's bewildering decisions, nonsensical explanations taking center stage
    Clearly, this hasn't been Joe Girardi's best few day or weeks as Yankees manager. After being just a win or two away from locking things up against the Rays, the division race has swung in the other direction and is all but over, the Sox are a win away from handing the Yanks their 5th straight loss, and the Yankees are starting to look like the '07 Mets. Defending or even rooting for this team has become extremely difficult for me, so with that I'm going to turn on the Giants game.

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