Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Long: No Major Changes in Store For Jeter

From Mark Hale:
The Yankees captain went into last night wallowing in one of the worst slumps, and seasons, of his career. But hitting coach Kevin Long isn’t convinced the shortstop needs the same type of special attention he gave Granderson a few weeks ago in Texas, when Long and Granderson worked together extensively, fixing the center fielder’s mechanics to get him going at the plate.

“There’s no project in store [with Jeter] and there’s nothing that at this point [where] we’re going to go into some deep waters and try to figure something out,” Long told The Post. “We’re just going to stay the course and come ready to go every day and Derek Jeter will be there.”


“He’s in a place where he’s not been too often,” Long said, “but his spirits are good. I’ve seen enough at-bats where I can say, ‘There’s a lineout. There’s another one that should have dropped.’ We’re just going to stay diligent with our work and keep grinding.

“It’ll be all right.”
I keep waiting for Jeter to turn things around, but then I look up and he's in the midst of a 1-for-25 slide. It's been one of those years for Jeter.

Still, with Jeter, would it really surprise you if he followed up this sub-par year by hitting .350 in October?

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