Sunday, September 26, 2010

Out Of Left Field....Lemmings Edition

Do you see that big black pit in the center? That is the pit of despair. It leads to an offseason of anger and frustration. There are many of them all over the world, but the biggest ones seem to be located in the North Side Of Chicago, a small field just outside of Pittsburgh, and near the coast of Puget Sound in Seattle.

Please refrain from joining the masses, and forgetting to stand behind your Bronx Bombers. Sure Girardi may be managing like he's already negotiating a contract with those North Side Cubbies, and Jeter is down to being able to do only two things lately, striking out and grounding into DP's. Hell, even Mariano has had a couple of yips here in September. Still...and NOW MORE THAN EVER...grab that good karma and get behind your Yankees!

Anyone who knows me from writing around here knows me as the lighthearted one....the voice of reason. Yogi always said "It ain't over till it's over", and we a not at that point right now. During the 6 game stretch against Texas and Tampa, we lost 5 out of 6. 4 of those games were decided by ONE RUN! The other by just 3. We are 8-10 against Tampa this year, with a run differential of -7. That's over 18 games folks. We play them pretty evenly for the most part. We are 4-4 against Texas with a run diiferential of +6. Once again a team we play pretty evenly. Add to that a 4-2 record against Minnesota with a + 3 run differential, and I'd say that we stand a pretty good chance of standing toe to toe with those teams. And I like our chances in the postseason experience department as well.

What I am saying boys and girls, is that to me karma can be a real MO-FO. Yankees fans are spoiled rotten sometimes, and when the going gets tough, a lot of us seem to get going. Why not take some of that bad karma and kick it to the curb? What happened to Yankees Universe? Seems like Red SUX nation is getting behind their team more that us.

Come on now....

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? NO! And it's not over now!

Besides, do you hear Kirstie Alley singing? I don't.

So get out there today and root for your Bronx Bombers....and rememeber.....

One more thing....this was a missive from "The Boss" from early in the 2007 season, and I think it holds true now.

“I believe in them. I am here to support them in any way to help them accomplish this turnaround. It is time to put excuses and talk away. It is time to see if people are ready to step up and accept their responsibilities. It is time for all of them to show me and the fans what they are made of.”


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