Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tex has been playing hurt?

From Andrew Marchand:
Despite the fact that Mark Teixeira has been playing with a broken toe for weeks, New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi said he has no plans to give the first baseman any time off.

"He's been playing with it for two weeks," Girardi told "You can't do much for broken toes, that's the thing."

Teixeira broke the little toe on his right foot when he hit a foul ball off of the foot on Aug. 31 at Yankee Stadium. The New York Post first reported Teixeira's injury.

"Every step I take it stings," Teixeira told the Post. "It's worse on defense because I have to move side to side and shuffle."
OK, so I feel like a bit of a schmuck posting this immediately after the "Getting healthy for the stretch run" post, but I hadn't seen this until now. Anyway, I guess this is part of the reason he's hit .152/.321/.182 over his last 12 games.

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