Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Burnett: "Those three have been our horses all year”

From Chad Jennings:
“Those three have been our horses all year,” Burnett said. “It would be silly for Hughesy not to start.”

As you might expect, both Burnett and Vazquez said they were disappointed but not surprised. Burnett obviously could still play a role this postseason, especially beyond this series. We’ve seen in the past that some managers, when they’ve made decisions like this one, have lost the player. Some players feel slighted, not taken care of.

“Joe’s the best manager I ever played for,” Burnett said. “He’s done more for me this year probably than any manager has ever done. He cares about me as a person and as a player. I’ll be down in that pen and be ready to get one out or two outs or whatever I’ve got to do for him.”
At least he's got the right attitude. Either way, if the Yanks are going to repeat as world champs they're going to need Burnettle. They're not going to go the whole way with a three-man rotation again.

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