Monday, October 25, 2010

Cashman: People Are Telling Me Montero is Ready

From Ben Shpigel:
Girardi said he would have to “think long and hard about” whether Jorge Posada can be expected to catch 120 games next year. The Yankees believe that Jesus Montero, their top catching prospect, will challenge for playing time next year.

“Is Montero ready for the big leagues?” Cashman said. “I have people who believe he is. He’s going to have to prove that.”

I think it's pretty obvious that Posada's days as an everyday catcher are coming to an end. Could the Yankees afford to leave him behind the plate for 100+ one more year? Sure they could, but why push it?

If Montero is ready, or if enough people within the Yankees organization believe he's ready, I'd love to see the Yankees give him a shot to start next year.

As for Jorge, I think he could be a very valuable DH.

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