Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here's Some Links

- Joe Girardi insists the team isn't focused on Cliff Lee and the only thing they care about right now is C.J. Wilson and game 1.

- Jon Lane also looks at this decision.

- CC Sabathia hopes this is the last time he has to worry about playing against Cliff Lee, that's because he's hoping Lee joins him in the Bronx next year. So am I.

- Ian O'Conner says Cashman was right to pass on Lee back in July. I wonder if he'll feel the same way if the Rangers win this series..... Would you?

- Mark Simon of ESPN New York takes a look at the stats behind the deicision to start Phil Hughes in game 2 and Andy Pettitte in game 3.

- Former Rangers scout Frankie Piliere scouts the ALCS and takes a look at the four key matchups of the series.

- Mark Feinsand tells Yankees fans who are upset about A.J. Burnett pitching in this series to "get over it".

- Brendan Prunty wrote a very interesting piece this morning on Kevin Long's home run drill.

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