Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Out Of Left Field: "Postseason Pep Rally"

Alrighty folks, here we are at the beginning to the best part of the year. The leaves have started to turn (even here in sunny Florida), and the nights have a certain well enjoyed coolness to them. It's time for PLAYOFF BASEBALL!

I have read many articles over the past few days, talking about the doom and gloom that surrounds the New York Yankees playoff chances this year, and to tell you the truth, I'm not buying it. Sure, we may have coasted into the playoffs this year (as has happened before), but I feel that we will figure it all out, and now that we are finally healing up (Pettitte, A-Rod, Tex, even Jete) that we will find a way to get it done.

Every year, the Steinbrenner family puts the resources out there to field a championship caliber baseball team, and this year has been no different. Look at the facts, and answer these questions for me.

On the first day of the season what would you have told me if I said that:

1. Nick Swisher would hit 29 HR, drive in 89 AND hit for an almost .300 average?
2. Brett Gardner would steal 47 bases, the most since Rickey Henderson?
3. A-Rod, even though missing 25 games would still hit 30 HR's and drive in 125?
4. Backup catcher Fransisco Cervelli would hit .316 with 37 RBI with RISP?
5. Phil Hughes would win 18 games with a sub 4.25 ERA

I think you would have signed up for all those things, right?

What I am getting at here, is that no matter what happens in this postseason (though I think our Bombers are going to get #28), we have had a great season, despite the struggles of Burnett, Vazquez, Jeter, etc.

Tomorrow our drive begins for our 28th World Series Championship, and we all need to get behind our Pinstripers! So break out your Yankees regalia (I'll have my Yankees T-Shirt on underneath my work shirt....even though my company frowns on that sort of thing), pull out those good luck charms (My picture of Tyler is at the ready), and for at least for the next two games...ROOT ROOT ROOT FOR THE ROAD TEAM!

Best of Luck to the New York Yankees, enjoy the games everyone, and I'll see you on Cover It Live in a little less than 23 hours!


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