Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pettitte On His Game 2 Start

Via Chad Jennings:

“Obviously the experience isn’t going to help you as far as if you can’t find it, your stuff or whatever,” he said. “But just for me, I know emotionally, whatever happens I am mentally not going to get out of the game. You know what I’m saying? So I think that the experience will be able to help me as far as that.

“If I don’t locate and I don’t get the ball where I want it to be, no matter how much experience I have out there, it’s not going to help because I am going to get knocked around probably.”


“The command is what I would say that, if anything, was in my mind as a worry for me,” he said. “Because my command was so good the whole first half of the season before I got injured, and obviously that has a lot to do with my mechanics and how comfortable I was feeling with them. My release point (was) right where I needed to be all year long, the beginning first half of the season, and I just had a little trouble making those adjustments since I come back off the DL. So hopefully, like I said, hopefully we can get going tomorrow and make the adjustments that I need to make during the course of the game, and be able to put together a good start for us.”

Winning last night takes some of the importance away from this game, but still, heading back to NY winning 2-0 would pretty much lock up the series. Let's go Andy!

Predict Pettitte's line for tonight.

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