Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yankees Lose, Rays Now Control AL East's Destiny

Let's stick with the first game's format - short and sweet for an otherwise depressing reality check.

The Good
This is sort of grasping at straws ... but the offense allowed Matuszaka to dig his own grave in the early innings. One of my biggest complaints of late had been the offense's lack of patience, and seeming inability to lay off of pitches in the dirt. Against Matsuzaka, they were willing to walk around the bases and not get themselves out - this is, in my mind, a sign of the Yankees offense working.

The Bad
1 for 16 with runners in scoring position. Seriously.

The Ugly
The Yankees defense was caught sleeping, leading to a couple of runs. Burnett, apparently caught dumbfounded, allowed a runner to score and another to advance to third on a bang-bang play at first base, where the umpire lagged in making an out or safe call. There were other defensive mishaps - dropped pop-ups, outfielders running into each other, and poor positioning - that led to baserunners, as well. While the pitching was far from stellar, it's never a good idea to give a team extra outs - even if they're trotting out their 'b' lineup.

In order to win the AL East, the Yankees need a win, while the Rays need to lose. I'm content with the Wild Card, but I cannot feel that these lost opportunities will end up being the story of the Yankees 2010 season. Here's hoping this team can snap into postseason form - and fast.

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