Monday, October 18, 2010

Yanks Confident As They Head Into Game 3

Apparently, the Yankees must not have read all these articles about how unbeatable Lee is..
"We've faced a lot of pitchers throughout the years that have had great reputations. Reputation doesn't win games," Derek Jeter said Sunday on the eve of Monday night's Game 3 at the Stadium. "You still have to go out there and pitch." (source: NY Daily News)
"I don't understand ," Swisher said. "Andy Pettitte, this guy is the leader almost in the postseason in everything. To have a guy like that on the mound, the confidence we have in him, the experience he has, it definitely plays a role. It's crazy. It's funny how people say things." (source: NY Daily News)

"(Lee) is 6-0 or whatever it may be, but when you look at the guy next to me, he has like 250 (postseason) innings. When (Lee) gets to 250 innings, you can say a lot more things," reliever Joba Chamberlain said. "You respect the fact that he's very talented and very good, but we also have a guy going who's had a lot of success." (source: NY Daily News)
“(Lee) has to beat the best ever to pitch in the postseason,” Joba Chamberlain said. “Cliff Lee is good, but this guy next to us is the best.” (source: NY Post)
“I’ll put Andy Pettitte up against anyone in the playoffs,” Mark Teixeira said. “Andy’s used to pressure. He’s been in so many big games throughout career.” (source: NY Post)
“I really think he could care less who [Andy] is pitching against,” Lance Berkman said of Pettitte, whose 19 postseason wins are tops all-time. “There is a lot that has been made of Cliff Lee, and rightly so because he has been so dominant in the postseason, but he is a human being. He’s not a robot. He is susceptible to a rough start like everyone else. I feel like we have the right guy on the mound, and we will see what happens.” (source: NY Post)
“Let’s not forget that we have a pretty good guy on the mound, too,” Girardi said. “(Pettitte) has won a lot of post-season games and has won a lot of clinchers in his career. I can go back to catching him in 1998 when he won the clincher against San Diego. He’s been doing it a long time.” (source: LoHud)
Like I said, they're pretty confident..... Are you?

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