Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yanks Not Concerned About Girardi Going to Cubs

I know it's playoff time and nobody wants to think about the offseason, but this is from a day or two ago so I figured I'd post it anyway. It's from Phil Rogers (hat-tip to WasWatching):
There are people in Chicago who swear they know Girardi would jump to the Cubs because he and his wife, Kim, want to return home to the Midwest. But the feeling around baseball is that Hendry is wasting his time if he's holding a place for him.

As the Yankees worked out to face the Twins in their American League Division Series, I polled a dozen people who either work for the Yankees or deal with them on a regular basis.

Asked to rate the chances Girardi will change jobs after the playoffs on a 1-10 scale, with 1 being the least chance, the New York insiders gave replies ranging from a -1 to a 3.5.

"The door's open,'' one said, "but just a crack.''

None among those surveyed thinks there is even a 50-50 chance Girardi is sufficiently weary of New York and all that life there entails to pull the plug. That could change if something goes very bad against the Twins, but one person close to the Yankees' brain trust offered a take that must be the worst fear for anyone who covets Girardi in the Cubs' dugout.

"If he does go somewhere, it won't be (to Chicago),'' he said.


“The Cardinals would be his kind of place,” one insider said. “No media problems, total control … but don’t they want La Russa back?”

We’ll see. The same person raised an interesting question about the Girardi-to-Wrigley scenario.

“Who would be his godfather in Chicago?” he asked. “He wouldn’t go there unless he had protection.”
I'm not concerned about this and it's not just because game 2 is tonight. I just honestly don't think he's going anywhere.

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