Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bigger Offer For Jeter On The Way?

Honestly, I have no idea why the Yankees would budge an inch here. Anyway, here's the report via Jon Heyman (hat-tip to RAB):
The Yankees are expected to ramp up negotiations in coming days in an effort to put longtime star Derek Jeter back in pinstripes, but Jeter will still have to accept some sort of pay cut to stay, according to a league source familiar with their thinking.

The Yankees appear willing to enhance their latest $45 million, three-year offer to retain the iconic Yankee, but are said to be unwilling to match his previous salary on a deal of at least three years. Jeter just completed a 10-year, $189-million deal that paid him about $21 million in 2010.

The Yankees' next offer is expected to be for a couple million more per year, so perhaps in the $50 million range for three years. Indications thus far are they have very little inclination to add a fourth year, though that can't be entirely ruled out. The team would like to complete the Jeter negotiations so they can get to the rest of their offseason to-do list, bringing Jeter's longtime friend and iconic closer Mariano Rivera back into the fold and pressing to sign superstar free agent pitcher Cliff Lee.
This may be a little about the money, but in the end the hold up here is about years. And as I've said many times you can't blame the Yankees for not wanting to give a 36-year-old a 4, 5 or 6 year deal.

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